Before some of those nuts in Washington, DC, get carried away and pass some laws doing away with Christmas, all of us who know the true meaning of the holiday should write our representatives and complain.

This country was first settled by people who were searching for freedom of religion. Why should it change now? We have always been tolerant and diverse. There have never been “religious” wars in America as there have been in other countries.

The Christians have December 25; the Jews have Hanukkah December 8 to 16, and I presume other religions have certain dates that mean a lot to them. So why all the criticism now about a nativity scene during this time of year? You do your things and we will do ours. Sometimes “political correctness” is ridiculous. Close your eyes and omit the words “under God” if you must when the “Pledge of Allegiance is being repeated. And keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with following the Ten Commandments. The world would be a better place if all of us would abide by them.

But leave us alone and we will leave you alone to worship as you wish.

So here are my words for everybody who will accept them: “God bless you and Merry Christmas!”


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