Detailing the Issues

YThe madness has started. The Christmas season is now in full throttle. It seems every year it starts earlier than the previous year. You could even see Christmas decorations up in some stores before Halloween. I see more and more retail influence and less Christ influence.

Thanks to the liberal idea of separation of church and state, which by the way was originated to keep the government out of the church NOT the church out of the government, we have almost lost the true meaning of Christmas. I guess in 228 years we have forgotten why this nation was founded. It was to escape a government run and regulated church. God has richly blessed this nation in the past, so how have we thanked Him?

God, get out of our workplace; we no longer want your word, the Bible, in the workplace. God get out of our schools. We no longer want your name spoken on the lips of our teachers and children or in our books. God get out of creation; we make babies, not you, so we can kill them. God get out of our nations political system, we do not need your view or any of your followers pushing your moral agenda on us a free people. Oh, by the way, Christ, you will no longer be needed for Christmas we will now call it the winter holidays so we don't offend anyone.

All this sounds ridiculous, right? Well, guess what? That's real life in America in 2004. I admit as a child I didn't know or understand the true meaning of Christmas. It was just time out of school and presents from Santa. Christmas is such a materialistic production now, it seems we are happy and relieved when it's over.

I ask all of you to make this vow with me this year. Let's invite Christ Jesus to our homes this Christmas. Let's celebrate the birth of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus. As we set up our trees, max out our credit cards and visit family, let's take time to give thanks to our God for his son Jesus.

Merry Christmas.


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