Drug arrest is culmination of an investigation of more than two months
by C.F. David

The arrest of 32-year-old Tammy Witten last week for distribution of a controlled and dangerous substance, (cocaine), was the result of an investigation of more than two months.
According to a spokesperson for the multi-county task force, undercover agents had worked in the county for two and one-half months, making both drug buys and under age alcohol purchases.

"We worked with the Cimarron County Sheriff's Office and the Boise City Police Department," the spokesperson said.

"We also worked a joint operation with the Colorado State Police and we have a warrant pending for Jennie Kennedy for the sale of 10 grams of crystal meth, and two ounces of marijuana," the spokesman said.
"Also, we located and returned a juvenile runaway in that case."

The agent also said that as a result of the Cimarron County investigation, "...several more warrants are pending."
According to Cimarron County Sheriff David Dunn, the help of the task force was requested after local law-enforcement officers had made observations of possible drug activity for more than a year.

"You had one thing wrong in your story last week. It wasn't Tammy's home where we had seen all the cars," Dunn explained. Dunn had stated that cars had been observed "..out of place." rousing the suspicion of local officers.
"If it wasn't for the drug task force, we'd never be able to stop any of this," Dunn said. "The population of Cimarron County is so small, every police officer is known on sight. We need somebody from outside the county to come in here."