Off the Cuff

I saw more elves hard at work this weekend. I witnessed two of them putting up lights in front of the caboose. Does it count if I say, “I should have stopped and assisted.” Guilt has been riding me over that one, because it was cold, it was getting dark, and the lady elf was draped with strings of lights. Your effort looks very nice, Mr. and Mrs. “Paper” Elves. On the same subject, I heard via Ariana, our 7-year old movie critic, that the free Saturday morning movie, Winn Dixie, was very enjoyable. She cried only once. (That is akin to rating the movie with stars or thumbs up/down.) I offer “Thank You” to the organizers and the new owners of the movie theater.


I am so glad that the snow and bitter cold have scooted out of here, if only for a little while. I used to quietly chuckle at older folks who were cold all the time. But there's no chuckling anymore, partially because I can't chuckle when my teeth are chattering, and because I spent all last week shivering. Oh no! Does this mean I've morphed into one of those “older folk”? At this rate, by the time I turn 50 I'll just be a giant frozen ice cube all winter.


Writing this column has brought to mind my high school English teacher, Mrs. Coltharp. How I wish I had paid better attention to her soft voice when she was attempting to teach our unruly class how to diagram sentences and learn the tenses. (I must have remembered the poetry part of class, since I just rhymed that last sentence.) Mrs. Coltharp was one of my favorite teachers because she would forget to be stern and would instead giggle at the funny comments of Everett Wheeler or Mary Ruth Arnett. And she was quick to praise our efforts and give encouragement. Wherever you are, Mrs. Coltharp, may you be well and may you not at this moment be grading my column with your red ballpoint pen.


Those of you who live away from Boise City are missing a beautiful sight right now - the windows of the Chevy garage. If you remember, the building is on West Main and the huge windows face the south. Several years ago, petunias, geraniums, ferns, and all manner of flowers began appearing in those windows right before the first frost of fall. As the world became more gray and dreary the windows became more vibrant with reds and purples, pinks and yellows. True lifters of spirits are those windows. Now there are icicle lights the whole length above the flowers and at night the lights give a soft glow to the flora beneath them. This bright spot in our little town is a gift given to each of us by our dear Ethel Snapp and her son, Eddie and his wife, Gerry. Thank you - for the sweet feeling that washes over me each time I drive by and notice those flowers.

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