Sheriff warns of lottery scams

by C.F. David

Cimarron County Sheriff Keith Borth is trying to warn residents, especially senior citizens to be aware that there are lottery scams circulating by mail.

Borth first points out that, “If something seems to be too good to be probably is.”

Two letters have been turned into Borth's office, one individual was supposed to have won the Australian Lottery, the other, the Canadian Lottery.

“To participate in a foreign lottery is illegal to begin with,” Borth explained. “But these are just scams,” he added.

The scam works like this: The “Winner” is notified by mail that they have won a large amount of money, but for the winnings to be direct deposited a check for $3 thousand is pay for the taxes. The “winner” is then instructed to deposit the check and send one back for a lesser amount, (More than $2 thousand). The check for $3 thousand is of course, no good, and the “winner” is out the amount of the check they returned.

“These things [scams] prey on older people,” Borth points out.

Borth has notified officials with the U.S. Post Office in an effort to stop the letters from being mailed.

Anyone receiving a similar notification should contact Borth's office.