Slinging a smooth stone
by C.F. David, Editor, The Boise City News

Ohio man totally redefines "Candid Camera".
The Columbus, Ohio Police have taken yet another "nut" off the street.

The Buckeye Gendarmes, according to a Reuters story, have arrested, the "Naked Photographer"; which when you think about it, totally redefines the term "flasher".

According to the news story, the photographer's modus operandi goes something like this; dressed in nothing but a cap, sunglasses and a fiendish laugh, the "Naked Photographer" leaps in front of women and takes a picture of their being... well, surprised.

According to the story, Stephen Linnen, 33, was arrested shortly after he had appeared in the laundry room of a residential complex.

In this particular instance, he added assault to his charges when the woman whose picture he took, apparently unimpressed by the incident, made an attempt to grab for his cap.

In the ensuing struggle, he shoved her back into the laundry room and then made his short-lived escape.

Apparently Linnen has been, since April of 2002, taking photos of the shocked expressions on the faces of women he has confronted. At least 39 of them in all.

In what is perhaps one of the most profound understatements ever uttered by a public official, Sherry Mercurio, the Columbus P.D. Public Information Officer is quoted as saying "...he never operates during the winter."

Well duh. I wonder why? That would be like saying, He's never taken a picture at midnight, in a raging blizzard, at the community skating rink."

"We are pretty sure he's the one," Mercurio added.

What Mercurio didn't tell us, is how Linnen was identified so that his arrest and subsequent charges of one count of public indecency and another of simple assault could be made.

Has or will, the witness/victim(s) have to pick the man out of a police line up?

What physical description, if any, led to his arrest?

The Columbus P.I.O. also admits that authorities are for now at least, ignorant of one other thing we'd all like to know.

What pray tell, does/did Linnen do with the resulting photos?

Enquiring minds want to know.

The word for the week is gelid.