Knetzer changes plans to come to Memorial

by C.F. David


Larry Knetzer, the heir apparent to the Cimarron Memorial administrator’s job, has changed his mind.

“We had a verbal agreement that he would take the job,” said Memorial Board chairman Alan Shields.

“He [Knetzer] drew up a written agreement; but he couldn’t sign it,” Shields added.


Asked why Knetzer, the former administrator of the Memorial Hospital of Dumas, would refuse to sign an agreement he wrote himself, Shields said, “I  can’t say.”

Asked if the board would return to either of the other two applicants whose resumes the board had when Knetzer was selected; Shields replied, “No.”

“We’ll look some more. We are moving ahead,” Shields added.

Contacted at his home in Dumas, Knetzer said he had “No comment,”when asked why he didn’t sign the agreement.

Knetzer took the position at Dumas in June of 2002 and was released in October of 2003.

Personnel morale problems was given as the reason for termination of his contract.

Knetzer is at present, in negotiations with the Moore County Hospital Board on the settlement of his contract with the Moore County facility.