The Plainview 4-H Club held a meeting ou Wednesday, November 30, 2005 , at 1:30 P.M. in the music room. Tayler Henderson, president, called the meeting to order. Tanner Henderson,, vic«i president, led the 4-H ritual. Bailey Cook, secretary, then read the minutes and called the roll, The so»g leaders, Fihan Travis, KaJly Durham, and JUiis Kwbalcava led the 4-H Club in " America the BeautiftiV. Kally wvade a motion to adjourn the busmess meeting, and Ethan seconded tfoe motkm. Ethan did a talk on "Types of Pigs", Tayler entit\ed a talk called "Meteorologists", and Bailey did a talk on the "History of Thanksgiving". Tanner did the last talk on " Omarron County ". After tftat, Mrs. Julie Coofe, ana"trie 4-ff Clu6 practiced for Share-the-Fun, and the club practiced their skit. The leaders present were Julie Cook, Joyce Wells, and Susan Russell.

By Bailey Cook, secretary/reporter


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