Dalhart's cheese factory can help us too

I received a phone call soon after “Buzz” David of the Amarillo Economic Development commission announced the new cheese factory in Dalhart. (No relation by the way.)

A reader of The Boise City News had been insulted that David had made the statement that the AEDC's $5 million dollar investment in Dalhart would indirectly benefit Amarillo through sales taxes from items bought in Amarillo .

“We [ Cimarron County residents] spend money in Amarillo too,” she pointed out. “We use their hospitals, their doctors,” she added.

Knowing she was right, I called David, introduced myself, and jokingly told him we [ Cimarron County ] could use a shot in our financial arm as well and if they had another $5 million, we'd take it.

But then we got serious, talking of how Dalhart's good fortune to land a cheese plant, and Clayton's receiving a new prison could help us all.

Dalhart, with their hog facilities, and the state prison has had a boom in growth, Clayton has become in recent months the popular destination for retirees moving south from over taxed properties in Colorado .

I think we have a good chance to land some new residents, and in the case of the cheese factories, new dairies.

Gorge Torres, of the Lost Trails Dairy, explained that they now ship their product to Alabama . A destination in Dalhart would mean a savings in fuel and freight. Such a savings could lead to a plant expansion in Lost Trails two Cimarron County dairies. And Torres is sure that more dairies will soon be looking for locations.

Torres further explained that his monthly payroll is $70 thousand, two or more such payrolls could provide the economic shot in the arm, that Cimarron County needs.

We, as a county, need to immediately contact Dalhart city officials and ask what we can do to help them in their efforts. The city councils of Keyes and Boise City , the Cimarron County Commission and the two Cimarron County Development boards, along with the Cimarron county Chamber of Commerce need to act now, to entice dairies into the area. Local farmers need to become involved, for they might be able to land corn and milo contracts. Our chance is just a few miles south of us; let's grab it.

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