Collins' Comments
by Kelly Collins

I have been 7,000 miles since I left here 20 days ago. I am tired, I picked up a head cold and I have been searched twice at airports. They even made me remove my belt and my boots before they would pass me through security.

They must have immersed my luggage as every thing is wet.

I have endured screaming kids, traffic jams, airport delays and screaming adults. I was back in "civilization" and I didn't like it. At no time was there any quiet. The roar of traffic, the jets overhead all the time contributed to the constant din.

I just thought people might like to know why I am so glad to get back home. We little appreciate the things we have in our "uncivilized" area, peace and quiet for one. friendly people for another. Yes there were things about being back there that I enjoyed, my children and grandchildren, old friends and being able to go to a store that was not 30 plus miles away.

I am positive of one thing, I will never move to civilization for anything. I will be back to my old self next column once the serenity of being home really goes into effect, I promise.