When I began walking on the road next to a field of maize (or milo) on the edge of town, the young crop had recently been blessed with an abundance of moisture. The leaves and stalks were a healthy and shiny green, but the heads were small - they were just beginning to form. As the weeks passed and the miles rolled by, I observed the maturing of the maize, and soon it was headed out, standing on strong stalks with big, dark green leaves that lazily waved in the breeze. I was quite impressed with this field of maize growing on land that hadn't produced a crop in many years! But even as I shared my wonderment with the landowner, I was succinctly informed that the heads were empty and no harvest would be forthcoming from this field. And yet, being an eternal optimist, I disagreed with the diagnosis, and secretly decided to bless the maize, empty-headed though it was! And so, with every mile walked beside the field, I joyfully watched the blessing come to pass! The heads of the maize amazingly filled out, and soon a combine will work its way across the field, separating the seed from the chaff, and there will be a very fine harvest!

So many of us are just like that field of maize. We are planted in dry land and we struggle to hold on, waiting for the rain (words) that will nourish our roots and strengthen our stalk. We finally mature and ripen, but our heads are empty! It looks to the world like we have nothing to offer. Then someone comes along and blesses us - with a word, with a gesture and with love. And soon, with God's help and some time, we begin to thrive, and surprisingly we “make a crop” and end up blessing others with our harvest.


And speaking of blessings, this past Sunday Mom got to add another candle to her cake. Yes, it was her birthday! Heather got to come home, so Mom had her entire brood beneath her wings for a couple of days. And like all mother hens, she was quite content and happy to have her nest full once more.

I am so thankful that God gave us “chicks” such a wonderful mother! Through her words and actions, Mom has taught us the value of compassion, unfailing love and empathy. She has championed each of us on our life journey, even when we have veered a little off-course, and sometimes made bad decisions. She has passed down to every one of us the love of music and the love of words. Her hand is always outstretched to us, and when life knocks us down, she tenderly helps us stand erect once more. And she has always shared her faith - her faith in man and her faith in God - not only with her children, but also with the two generations that have followed behind us.

And so I just want to say (in print) that Nancy, Robbie, Heather and I are very blessed, because we have a most excellent mother who got to add another candle to her cake!

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