Move Over and slow down for emergency vehicles......

Many states now require any motorist approaching a stationary emergency vehicle displaying flashing emergency lights to slow down to a greatly reduced speed and proceed through the scene with due caution. This means all police and sheriff units, fire trucks, ambulances etc. This may be a routine traffic stop, an accident scene or other cause. Any police officer, deputy sheriff, fireman, wrecker operator, paramedic or anyone who has experience working accidents or making traffic stops will probably say they have had close calls with motorists who simply “blast” through scenes instead of slowing down. Many have their cell phone glued to their ear and never seem to notice there are people on foot, sitting in cars etc. Oklahoma law states that motorists must switch to an adjacent lane if possible and slow down. If the emergency vehicle or vehicles is in or on the shoulder next to your lane then you must greatly reduce your speed if oncoming traffic prevents you from moving to another lane. In short, just step on the brake and proceed past emergency vehicles slowly and cautiously. You never know what is going on or what may happen. It may mean an expensive citation and points on your driving record if you do not. Drivers are required to use due caution at all times. All emergency workers will very much appreciate it if you will take about 30 seconds to slow down when passing near us when we are doing our jobs............

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