Collins comments

by Kelly collins

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up the paper again, I'm back!

It is strange, I am writing now and by the time this is read the election will be over with. Who won? I don't know if it really makes all that much difference. I don't think our country or our culture can be deflected from the path it is on by anything short of a miracle.

Like the cartoon snowball rolling down the hill it accumulates more snow then gets big enough to run over and swallow anything in its path. The path and the snowball cannot be changed but in very tiny ways. It will reach the valley floor. Let us hope that the damage caused will be minimal.

I will go to the polls on the second. I will pay close attention to local candidates and vote on that. I do know that at this level it does make a difference who is in office. I have definite choices on that.

When it comes to the national level our representative government is anything but truly representative of the majority. The other government, the bureaucrats, the lobbyists, the intelligence community, the Captain's of industry and the military are the same and very well entrenched.

We are no longer one nation under God. We are one nation under gods. We have the god of profit, the god of power, the god of expediency, the god of greed and so forth.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Buy American” do you know how hard that is? American companies have gone off shore with their factories. We have many people out of work because their jobs are now done in other countries. The jobs that would have allowed a work force that could support their families. Income that is taxable instead having a need for increased public assistance. Business has sacrificed those workers to the gods of greed and profit. Let the government foot the bill for them.

I say tax heavily all American companies to import their offshore goods. Let those taxes pay the bill for the welfare of the ones they let go. As it is their profits go up from reduced cost in manufacturing and our taxes go up to help the unemployed. We the people are paying their profits.

The presidency is a catch 22 program. Do we really want anyone in there that wants to be there? What motivates a man or woman to desire the oval office? I do not believe anymore they are motivated by so pure a idea as serving the country. Serving a selected group perhaps and desire for power, those things I could easily believe in.

We the People have allowed it to get this way and I am ashamed of my part in that.

Enough said.


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