Cremation, fan atics, and P.C. insanity

My late wife Carol, as I have recounted before, was a sports nut. The house came to a standstill during every Olympics, (except during the Curling competition), she just never could figure out round “irons” sliding across the ice while competitors brushed the ice with a broom. But skiing, skating, bob sledding, diving, swimming, she was there in front of the TV.

But nothing, was like her love for the Dallas Cowboys. She always wanted to go and watch them play in person, but we never went.

She needed to have met Christopher Noteboom, an Arizona bartender who recently took the old adage “Take me out to the ball game” to a whole new level. Noteboom was recently arrested in Philadelphia , (at an Eagles game), after he ran onto the field and, (according to him), scattered his mother's ashes before laying down and surrendering to security personnel.

In this era of terrorist threats, and anthrax attacks and scares, the Eagles, understandably are upset at anyone running on to the field and scattering an unknown substance in front of the hometown fans.

Noteboom explained that his mother had died in 2003, just before the Eagles Superbowl appearance.

She was, apparently, a diehard Eagles fan and when cut, bled Eagles' green as readily as Carol bled cowboy's silver and blue.

There is no hint what charges Noteboom might face, but season tickets are probably out of the question.


In other idiotic moves, I read on a news crawler that the International Red Cross might be changing their emblem(s) from a cross and or red crescent to a more politically correct diamond shape because of the ‘religious connotations to the other emblems. Give me a break. These emblems have been used for years. When are we going to grow up and tell the PC Police, the term drop dead comes to mind.

The word for the week is lamentable.

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