Seatbelt violation brings drug, firearms charges against two

by C.F. David

The decision by Charles Trichell, of Grove, La., the driver of a 1996 Chevrolet pickup not to buckle up, lead to the arrest of himself and his passenger, Charles Badenebeuaer, on a variety of charges Wednesday afternoon.

Trichell was charged with not wearing his seatbelt, and possession of a firearm. Badenebeuaer was charged with transportation of an open container, and both were charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, marijuana and paraphernalia.

Also found, was about $2,800 in cash, money the men explained that had been paid them as employees of a pipeline construction company.

Cimarron County Sheriff's Deputy Chip Jones was eastbound on East Main when he spotted Trichell in violation of the Oklahoma seat belt law.

“When I stepped up to the vehicle I could smell an odor of alcohol, and I asked for permission to search the vehicle,” Jones said. “That's when I found an open container of beer, the paraphernalia, the controlled dangerous substance and the marijuana,” he added.

Jones also found a .44 magnum pistol on the front seat, covered with a pair of coveralls.

“That gave me a chill,” Jones admitted.

Upon discovery of the weapon, Jones, along with Under Sheriff Larry Taylor called for assistance from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Permission was obtained from the men to search their room at a local motel, where more paraphernalia was found.

The as yet unidentified controlled substance was sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's laboratory for analysis.

Trichell is presently being held in Cimarron County jail, on a bond of $31,000 and Badenebeuaer, on a bond of $12,000.

The Sheriff's Office will, with the assistance of the District Attorney's Office, attempt to seize the money, weapon and the truck, using the RICO laws, according to Cimarron County Sheriff Keith Borth.

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