by Norma Jean Young

For the past few months I have not accomplished a thing except re-reading a bunch of books. I think I have all of D. R. Meredith's. They are very good, and she uses area towns for her settings, which makes the story more interesting. Before she moved to Amarillo several years ago, she had a nice book store in Dumas.

In one of her recent books a character said: “When persons pass the 75-year mark they are eccentric, not crazy.”

So now you younger people soak that in and watch what you say to us old-timers.

John Erickson wrote (among others) “The Devil In Texas”, and in it he said: “You can catch more flies with sugar, but you can load more cows with a bodark post.”

I've never tried to load a cow with a bodark post (or any other kind of post), but I'll bet it works.

There are several “Hank, the Cow Dog” books. (Hank does not like coyotes.)

Another writer whose books I really enjoy is Elmer Kelton. His characters and plots are varied, but most of them have some humor.

A Kelton series I'm on right now is about the Texas Rangers. Try them. You'll like them.

William Bernhardt, of Tulsa is another good writer whose books I have. I believe the longer he writes the wilder his stories get, but I'm still with him.

I've told this about his family but it's too good to keep in case you missed it- He and his family (wife and two kids) were on a bus tour and wanted to climb Black Mesa, since it is the highest point in Oklahoma . He and son, Harry, were trudging up the slope and Harry was thirsty. The water his mom gave him helped, but wasn't a cure.

They climbed a few more yards and Harry complained again about the lack of anything to drink. Then he had a brilliant thought: “Do you suppose there is a McDonald's on top of this mesa?”

I haven't climbed Black Mesa since I was in grade school, but there were no fast foods up there then, and I'll bet there are none now. Maybe when Harry is grown he'll come back out here and establish one.

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