Tree Establishment and Care Seminar

The Cimarron County Conservation District and Boise City NRCS Field Office will sponsor a Tree Establishment and Care Seminar Tuesday, Dec. 6 from 9 a.m.- 12 noon at the District office, located at 210 S. Cimarron, Boise City. Michael Barrick, USDA State Forester, will demonstrate tree care and pruning. Information from Mr. Barrick will be provided, on farm, livestock, and wildlife windbreak species, planning and design. Tree species for Cimarron County rural and urban areas will be discussed. Also on the agenda is a presentation of insects and diseases that will affect your plantings and the necessary measures to be rid of the pests. We are looking forward to Mr. Barrick assisting Cimarron County in tree selection, care, andsurvival. Trees are a precious commodity in our area and expertise to help in their survival is needed. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

For more information or to reserve a place, contact the Cimarron County Conservation District 544-3048.

Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) Applications Are Being Accepted

USDA and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) are currently accepting applications for the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) according to Cherrie Brown, District Conservationist with NRCS. Landowners interested in restoring and protecting wetlands that have been impacted or converted are encouraged to make application at their local NRCS office.

The Wetlands Reserve Program's primary objective is to restore former wetlands, re-establish native wetland wildlife habitat, and retire marginal land from agricultural production. According to a report by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Oklahoma lost approximately 1.8 million of its 2.8 million acres of wetlands between 1780 and 1980, reported as a 67% loss. Wetlands benefit nature by providing fish and wildlife habitat, improving water quality by filtering sediment and chemicals, recharging groundwater, and by providing a host of recreational opportunities. Restored wetlands provide critical habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife species that are dependent on wetlands and native vegetation.

Applicants may elect to participate in permanent easements, 30 year easements, or 10 year cost–share agreements. Permanent easement contracts include the total cost of installing the restoration practices and maintenance of those practices. For non-permanent, 30 year easements, NRCS will pay 75% of the value determined for a permanent easement and 75% of costs associated with establishing the restoration. 10-year cost-share agreements also provide up to 75% cost-share for installation of the wetland restoration practices.

The total WRP financial assistance allocation for fiscal year 2005 totaled $3.9 million. With this allocation, Oklahoma enrolled land into 7 restoration agreements for 198 acres, and 15 permanent easements restoring and protecting over 2,600 acres of wetlands and associated buffers. Since 1996, Oklahoma landowners have enrolled over 54,000 acres into the WRP through 224 agreements with over $34 million in federal assistance for acquisition and restoration of wetlands in 48 of Oklahoma 's 77 counties. Since enrollment, NRCS has worked directly with landowners, state and federal agencies, and private conservation organizations to complete hydrology restoration and tree plantings on over 38,000 of these acres. We are anticipating completing another 7,000 acres of wetland restoration this year.

Applications for enrollment in WRP will be accepted throughout the year. An interagency review team consisting of NRCS, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will evaluate and rank each application. Applications will be evaluated periodically (on or about January 2, April 1, and July 1) to consider and fund high priority applications. The applications will then be formally approved for contract development immediately after the evaluation period.

Producers who want to learn more about WRP can contact the local NRCS or Conservation District office at 210 South Cimarron, Suite C, or by calling (580) 544-2812 ext. 3.

December 5 th is the Deadline for the Cimarron County FSA Committee Election

If you got your ballot for the County Committee election but haven't returned it to the FSA office yet, you only have until the close of business December 5 th to get it in. If ballots are not received by the deadline they will not be considered as a valid ballot. For a ballot to be valid it must be either received in the Cimarron County Office or postmarked no later that December 5 th . If you are located in Local Administrative Area #1 (LAA #1) and did not receive a ballot in the mail, you can stop by the FSA Office and pick one up. By casting your ballot, you are taking the opportunity to have a voice in electing our officials for the Cimarron County FSA Committee. The nominees for the County Committee are; Robert S Gayler and John Patrick Bourk. The Elected County Committee member and County Committee alternate will take office on January 1 st , 2006 .

Ballots for the FSA County Committee election were mailed out November 4 th to producers living in LAA #1. LAA #1 is an area approximately described as; beginning from the town square go east 9 miles, then north 18 miles to the Colorado State line, beginning once again from the town square go 9 miles west, then south 16 miles to the Texas State line, the area north and west of this line as described is considered as LAA #1.

If you receive a newsletter from the FSA Office chances are that you are an eligible voter. Anyone who meets the requirements in items 1 or 2, plus item 3 is eligible to vote. 1) Be of legal voting age and have an interest in a farm or ranch as one of the following: - an owner, operator, tenant, or sharecropper or - a partner in a general partnership or member of a joint venture that has an interest in a farm as an owner, operator, tenant, or sharecropper. 2) Not of legal voting age, but supervises and conducts the farm operations on an entire farm. 3) Eligible to participate in any FSA program that is provided by law, regardless of the status of funding.

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