Cimarron River Ranch files for permits to irrigate deeded land

by C.F. David

According to documents filed with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, the Cimarron River Ranch, near Kenton, has filed for permits to irrigate its deeded land.

“That application was filed with our office last week, and is being processed,” said Phyllis Robertson, of the resources board. “You don't need a permit to drill the well(s) as long as they are used for domestic water,” Robertson added.

“It's my understanding they don't need to irrigate right now,” she said. The permitting process should be finished before the spring watering.”

Roberston said the permitting process would normally take two to three months; however, if the permit is protested, that could add another two to three months to the process.

If, and when, the permit is granted, only then, will the ranch be legally allowed to irrigate either of two plots broken out on land the ranch purchased in mid April from Monty Joe and Vicki Roberts.

The Cimarron River Ranch is presently in litigation with Tri-County Electric in an effort to force the power company to move an electric line that has crossed the property for more than 50 years. When the line was installed, and until purchased by the ranch, the acreage was grassland. Only when the land was broken out and sown to wheat, with a circle irrigation system, did the existing line become a matter of legal contention.

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