Cimarron County FSA Committee Election Ballot Deadline

If you received your ballot for the County Committee election but haven't returned it to the Farm Service Agency (FSA) office yet, you have until the close of business December 4 th to get it in. Ballots for the FSA County Committee election were mailed out November 3 rd to producers living in Local Administrative Area #2. LAA #2 is described as beginning at the North East corner of Cimarron County , then South along the county line a distance of 18 miles, then West a distance of 18 miles, then North a distance of 18 miles, then East a distance of 18 mile to the point of beginning. If your ballot is not received by the deadline it will not be considered as a valid ballot. For your ballot to be valid, it must be either received in the Cimarron County Office or postmarked no later that December 4 th . If you are located in LAA #2 and did not receive a ballot in the mail, you can stop by the FSA Office and pick one up. By casting your ballot, you are taking the opportunity to have a voice in electing our officials for the Cimarron County FSA Committee. Ballots for the County Committee election will be counted December 7 th . The Elected County Committee member and County Committee alternate will take office on January 1 st , 2007 .

If you receive a newsletter from the FSA Office chances are that you are an eligible voter. Anyone who meets the requirements in items 1 or 2, plus item 3 is eligible to vote. 1) Be of legal voting age and have an interest in a farm or ranch as one of the following: - an owner, operator, tenant, or sharecropper or - a partner in a general partnership or member of a joint venture that has an interest in a farm as an owner, operator, tenant, or sharecropper. 2) Not of legal voting age, but supervises and conducts the farm operations on an entire farm. 3) Eligible to participate in any FSA program that is provided by law, regardless of the status of funding.