Off the Cuff

By Shelly Fowler

It has been a pleasure living in Cimarron County this Autumn. The leaves of the trees had the chance to take their time turning colors. Every street was graced with oranges, yellows and reds. And the vines were decked in ruby red and bronze. I have been keeping my eye on the maple in Jim Palmer's yard. It is stubborn and while all the trees in the neighborhood have sung their last note this tree stands tall and fully clothed in bright red leaves.

I have always been a vocal believer that it is best to live “off the grid”…until I decided it was time to get a computer. Somewhere between refusing to give my personal information and needing a credit card to register with eBay I joined the ranks of people who embrace with fervor the convenience of online business. But I stopped short when asked to give my mother's maiden name. That was getting just a tad too personal! So I lied… and now I haven't a clue as to what Mom's maiden name is out there in cyberspace.

It always feels good to do the right thing, and sometimes it is hard to do the same. A couple of weeks ago a sweet-faced cow dog showed up at my shop. After eating some dog food and lapping up a bowl of water she laid her head upon my foot and sighed. I was smitten, of course, and brought her home to meet my kids, Shiloh (The Wonder Dog) and Sweet Pea. Without missing a beat, the newly-named Trixie Belle settled right in, running and nipping and sleeping with her new pals. But she was wearing a flea collar when she arrived and that meant she belonged to someone. So, I had to do the right thing - I placed an ad in the newspaper. Within hours, Ralph Compton called with the news that the description sounded a lot like his dog. Only difference? This female canine that I had dubbed “Trixie Belle” was actually “Roscoe”….yes, you heard me right, Roscoe. Ralph came to get her and, darn it, she was really happy to see him. With an offer to dog sit anytime, I watched Roscoe-Belle ride off into the night, happy that she was with the guy who had rescued her from starvation and sad that the light she had brought to Shiloh 's eyes was dimmed.

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