Judge Zigler gives young men a chance to change their lives

by C.F. David

On Thursday, based on an agreement between prosecution and defense attorneys, Judge Greg Zigler took a page from the past and gave three young men a chance to change their lives. Wade Henry, and David Bailey had been held since early October on charges of possession and concealment of stolen property, and Nolan Cobb, on charges of second degree burglary. The plea agreement would release the three on their own recognizance to accompany an army recruiter to Amarillo for testing and physicals. If they qualify and enter the army, all charges will be dismissed.

“I know that is an unusual request, (the PR bonds),” said District Attorney James Boring.

Zigler then asked about the possibility of a flight risk.

“We are satisfied, [that there is no flight risk]” Boring answered. He went on to explain that all three young men had family connections in the area.

Zigler turned to the three young men, “If I grant you PR bonds, I don't have the authority to order the recruiter to be your guardian. It will be up to the court to accept [The bonds]. As long as the cases are viable, you're under its jurisdiction,” Zigler explained.

The judge then inquired of each of the three about their education and work histories. “Why should I grant you a P.R. bond?” Zigler asked.

Cobb, sitting ramrod straight in his chair acted as spokesperson for the group. “I believe it will give us an opportunity to do something with our lives,” he said.

“An option that's been there but you haven't been it tune to,” Zigler pointed out.

“Yes Sir. ”Bailey, Henry and Cobb each answered softly.

Zigler then turned to the trios' attorney Craig Rittenhouse and asked where they would spend the night.

Rittenhouse responded that he thought they would be on a military base.

“That's quite important to me,” Zigler said as he called for a recess for Rittenhouse to check on accommodations. Rittenhouse returned with the information that the young men would be staying in an Amarillo motel.

“How long have you been in jail,” Zigler asked.

“A little over a month,” Cobb responded.

“OK gentlemen, I'm going to grant you a PR bond if you agree to the conditions of release,” Zigler said.

The three then rose and took an oath, before Zigler read them the conditions, which included that their release was contingent upon their being in the presence of the recruiter. “That is the only purpose that will be considered by this court,” Zigler said. He then explained that even the slightest variation from the court would make them open to contempt of court charges, and that in that case the military would not accept them.

Zigler's voice then rose, “But, the Department of corrections will be happy to. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir,” were the replies.

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