Elms resigns position; search on for B.C. music instructor

by C.F. David

Erwin Elms, the Boise City Schools Music Instructor, has tendered his resignation as of Nov. 21.

According to his resignation letter, Elms, who was in his second year, in the Boise City Schools, resigned due to what he referred to as a refutable evaluation.

Asked about the then rumored resignation, Boise City Superintendent of Schools, Dan Faulkner said, “Erwin has turned in his resignation. Basically, he didn't like his evaluation, and has quit. He wasn't fired and he wasn't going to be fired. Mrs. Jenkins, (Principal Kim Jenkins), is working at finding a semester graduate,” Faulkner added. “Right now, we have a substitute, Nancy Barnes, and she is trying to organize a Christmas program,” Faulkner said.

When asked to clarify the “rumors” that some of the school's Pep Band had quit, Faulkner said that “regrettably” that was the case.

“Some have quit, and I wish that they could have given us to the end of the semester,” Faulkner admitted.

Elms, as music director last year, wrote, and with help, costumed what many called a really good Christmas program. Composing music is something that Elms has done for more than 30 years, and in the mid-70s released a self-produced album.

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