Memorial makes offer to former Dumas Administrator

 Knetzer’s contract cancelled by Dumas hospital board

by C.F. David



As of press-time, the Board of Governors, Cimarron Memorial Hospital, have tendered an offer for the position of C.E.O.

According to Board Chairman Alan Shields, Larry Knetzer (pronounced Netzur), formerly the C.E.O. of  Memorial Hospital of Dumas has been offered the Cimarron Memorial job.

Knetzer, who took the Dumas position in June, of 2002, was released by the Moore County Hospital District’s board in October of this year.

According to the Oct. 12 issue of The Moore County News-Press, Knetzer was suspended with pay for 90 days.

A MCHD board member Tom Moore, is quoted saying that according to the terms of Knetzer’s contract they, (The MCHD board) had the right to suspend  him at anytime without cause.

“It was in the best interest of the hospital district for this to happen if we were going to go in the direction we want to go. We do wish Larry well,” Moore is quoted as saying.

According to the article, Moore also said certain morale and physican issues lead to the decision.

Moore also told the News-Press that six board members voted for the suspension and one abstained because of a possible conflict of interest.

Contacted by The Boise City News, Knetzer confirmed that he was in contract negotiations with Cimarron Memorial.

However, when asked to comment on the Dumas contract cancellation, Knetzer said, “I can’t comment, because I am still in negotiations with them on a settlement.”

Contacted by The Boise City News, Moore said: “He (Knetzer) is extremely good with the bottom line.”

“He is as honest as the day is long.”

“But we had some morale problems.”

One former member of the MCHD medical staff who preferred to speak with anonymity said when contacted by The Boise City News, “He is an excellent C.P.A. But he needs some people skills.

Dan Hart, who came into Human Resources at MCHD in June responded to an inquiry  by The Boise City News and said, “I cannot...the board will not let me give a recommendation or otherwise.”

 “But, he was my mentor. He taught me a lot. He is very intelligent; I liked him and he was good to work for. I wish him the very best.”

Knetzer, if hired, will be the third C.E.O. at the helm of Cimarron Memorial since April of this year and the fourth since January.

Allan Bird took over the job from Jo Pierce in March and left in August. Local businessman John Smith succeeded Bird on a 90-day option on Sept. 1 and will be leaving at month’s end.