The Vital Signs

by Rod Burrus, CEO,

Cimarron Memorial Hospital

It's business as usual at Cimarron Memorial Hospital, Nursing Home & Rural Health Clinic. The staff and employees here at our campus are pleased to announce that our search for a CFO has been completed with the arrival of Paul Miller. Paul is exactly what I have been looking for and I am pleased to have him here. Paul brings with him over thirty years of experience in the healthcare field and can pick up on the financials where I leave off. Paul has been affiliated with critical access hospitals in the past and can help us maneuver through the leaps and hurtles placed on us by the State and Federal Government to secure the future of Cimarron Memorial.

With Paul's arrival there has been both good and bad news. As Paul was going through the books he noticed that there were numerous one sided entries which is bad. For every entry there should be a corresponding entry that offsets it and this was not done. It unbalanced our books to the tune of $24,000 in January, $72,000 in February and, well you get the picture. Paul is having to go through all of the books and balance them which is a very labor intensive process. The second issue that he is facing is that the books were not closed at the end of each month. Paul has assured me that he can fix the problem with time and effort and he has the maturity that I believe him when he says he can fix it. That has been the bad news. The good news is that he may be able to recoup monies that we may have overlooked in the past. We may be able to find costs that we paid that now we can be reimbursed on. Both personally and publicly, Welcome Paul, I am glad that you are here.

In my estimation we now have the talent to save this facility we just need the tools. Along those lines I can tell you that our IT fellow, Justin Yates has all of our new computers on the desks and running and has ran new network wires in anticipation of our new software that will be installed in December. With the implementation of our new software we will effectively have the finest running system possible for a facility of our size. Our own Kathy Roberts mentioned that it is taking her half the time to do her work from what it used to with these new computers and is waiting with baited breath for our software to arrive. In the future our statements will be easier to read, our services will be customized for our customers and our Business Office Staff will be able to sit down and explain your bill to you without having to decipher our antiquated software system.

Computers are not the only technology that we are looking at here at Cimarron Memorial. We recently purchased a couple of air mattresses for two of our Nursing Home Residents that are not mobile. This helps them to reduce bed sores and increases blood flow to their limbs. We are also looking at adding diagnostic equipment like a CT scanner as well as an ultrasound machine that will do echoes. This is not to say that we are doing this all at once, it is just to say that we are looking towards the future. We have to provide the technology if we are going to recruit the Physicians to Cimarron County.

Speaking of Physicians. I wrote earlier that we now had a Physicians Assistant by the name of Jack Shinkle. Jack's license should be here by the end of next week which means that we will be able to expand our services at the clinic and provide more consistent coverage for the Emergency Room. That is not the only good news. These plans are tentative so please don't think that is written in blood but we have made a deal with a Surgeon who is going to effectively bring surgical services back to Cimarron County. In fact, we are going to schedule an Endoscopy day in December or the first part of January and keep the money in Cimarron County! Not only have we tentatively recruited a Surgeon to provide services for our facility but we have also located an Internal Medicine Physician that specializes in Cardiology who is interested in bringing his services here. We are helping to facilitate his license for Oklahoma and are going to put our best foot forward. I personally feel like we are moving in the right direction.

As we move into this Holiday Season I ask that you take a moment of your time and pray for the continued success of Cimarron Memorial. Whether it is in a church prayer group or in the privacy of your own bedroom we need your prayers. We are slowly moving into a more stable position but we have a long way to go and we need all the help we can get. During this time of year we reflect on all of the blessings that have been showered on us. I know personally that I have a lot to be thankful for this year. First and foremost I am thankful that the citizens of Cimarron County brought me back to this facility. I am thankful that this facility is ran by a group of five very diverse people who have the courage to make decision that will shape this Hospital, Nursing Home and Rural Health Clinic. It is an awesome responsibility and not one that has many pats on the back or people thanking you for your dedicated time and efforts. Finally I am thankful for all of the wonderful employees who work side by side with me and continue the work morning, noon and night. I have never had the pleasure of working for such a dedicated group of people. Even if they don't know what they are capable of, I do.

Here is a wish from all of us here at Cimarron Memorial. May you and your loved ones have a very safe and Happy Holiday Season.


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