State lottery games on schedule for late summer, early fall

With the majority of Oklahoma's voters (65 percent) speaking in November's election, the state has joined it's neighboring states in the business of a lottery.

Designed to help fill the coffers of the state's educational fund, the lottery is expected to [by it's proponents] add from $71 million (Gov. Brad Henry's estimate) to $150 million each year (Associated Press estimate) to the trust fund established for education.

By some estimates, of every lottery dollar taken in, 56 percent is paid out to winners; another 13 percent is used for salaries, equipment upkeep and advertising. This will leave about 31 percent left for education.

The lottery will officially come into existence some time in the late summer or early fall of 2005.

Governor Henry must first appoint a seven member lottery commission, something he should complete in the next 30 days.

The commission, once established, would then meet and hire a Lottery Director and his staff. Once in place, the commission, Director and staff will then choose the games with which the lottery will begin.

This group will also be in charge of the hardware and software used in the stores and the retail networks.


Store personnel and owners do not always welcome lotteries; ticket buyers often clog the stores, making other purchases difficult.

In Cimarron County, Duran Oil (Shell), Loaf N Jug, and Love's all expect to participate; the C-Store in Keyes is still a question mark, a decision hasn't yet been made by the store's owners.

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