Keyes Council votes to try for OEDA Grant

by Correspondent Birdie Walker

The Keyes City Council met on Nov. 9.

Town Council members present were Mayor Chris Townsley, and council members Laura Ingram, and Curtis Cayton.

Council approved minutes of meeting of Oct. 12, 2004.

EMS Director Willie Shelly reported that they had one Ambulance run in the past month.

Council members discussed and approved request by EMS Director Willie Shelly to apply for a $75,000 OEDA Grant to build new building to be used by the EMS.

City Police Chief Larry Taylor presented a list of new changes to raise Municipal fines.

The Council approved changes in new Municipal fines. The new fines will be effective Nov. 1, 2004.

Avis Strasner is now a certified Judge.

The Council members approved a resolution to declare the Long Theater unfit for use.

A bid of $400.00 was submitted by George Cline of Johnson, Kan. to purchase the theater. The bid was accepted by the Council.

The Council discussed and approved purchasing candy from Marvin Elliot for Christmas treat bags.

The possibility of raising [natural] gas prices in the near future was discussed but no action was taken at this time.

Changing the date of the December meeting was discussed and date for meeting was changed to 12 Noon, December 10, 2004 .



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