Cimarron Memorial Hospital lands new CFO

Paul Miller, class of ‘61, St. Paul, Minn., has taken the position of Chief Financial Officer, at Cimarron Memorial Hospital.

Miller has taken up residence in the hospital's basement, until he and his wife can find a home.


Miller, and his wife Judy, began married life as partners in a Indianapolis, Ind. construction specialty company, installing basketball backstops and folding aluminium bleachers.

At 40, Miller returned to school and received a degree in accounting and went into the medical field.

He first worked with a medical company helping with the purchase, divestiture and remodeling of existing hospital facilities.

“The first hospital I went into I cut the payroll by a million bucks. I had to have my car repainted,” Miller remembered ruefully.

Asked if he saw payroll cuts in Cimarron Memorial's future, Miller shook his head no and explained that rural hospitals are highly competitive and that cutting personnel would mean an eventual loss of revenue.

Miller, for several years, had returned to the construction business in the Shreveport, La. area, during the Casino boom.

“I worked for a painting contractor.

“It was my job to go in as a personnel manager and...basically build a bureaucracy for the company,” Miller explained.

A lover of roses, Miller also held the position of Director of the American Rose Society in Shreveport.

“I have about 150 rose bushes in my backyard in Shreveport,” Miller shrugged.

Asked how he could leave the roses behind, Miller said, “I'm not exactly leaving them behind. I've got about 30 growing in pots, and I'll start more when I'm back there for Thanksgiving.”

Miller had retired from construction once again, but found that retirement wasn't what he wanted.

“I couldn't stay home,” Miller explained.

“Then I heard about Rod, [Memorial Hospital CEO Rod Burrus], I called and talked to him and he told me what he was trying to do here. I decided he was either crazy, or a crusader, and I decided to come and look at it and here I am.

“I'm glad to have Paul here,” said Burrus. “The nine years experience I have in health care are just a glimmer in comparison to his 30 plus years. We are no longer thinking inside the box. We are considering anything to make this (the hospital) more like a business.”

Among the things Burrus and Miller are considering; the possibility of the sale of tax-free industrial bonds. The bonds which are traditionally purchased by banks. Miller explained that the “paper” would be sold through an Economic Development Association, with a letter that holds the EDA “harmless”.

These are very profitable for banks. They are a good investment,” Miller said.

Other considerations being looked at by Burrus and Miller are: having a surgeon here for elective surgeries at least twice a month (January is the target date).

“Also, we are moving forward with cautious optimism with reestablishing Hospice and Home Health Care,” Burrus said.




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