Weed Control on DCP Contract Acres

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) wants to remind producers participating in the Direct and Counter-cyclical Program (DCP) that controlling weeds on contract acres is part of your program requirements. Weed control is the responsibility of the producer. If weeds are not controlled on DCP acres, you could be putting your program benefits at risk.

Producers enrolled in DCP must control tumble weeds and other weeds on their fallow fields. Tumble weeds along with the winds and dry conditions we have in Cimarron County do not go well together. Once blowing tumble weeds gather along a fence row, wind break, building, or a home, they become a fire hazard and they also damage fences, crops, and spread the seed of this noxious weed. It is too late in the season to keep these weeds from producing seed, but it is not too late to mow fields to prevent the weeds from becoming a hazard and spreading their seeds to other areas of your land and your neighbor's land.

The provisions of the DCP contract states that “Producers shall protect base acres from erosion and shall control weeds, including noxious weeds, on base acres”. Participants in DCP are required to protect all idle acres from erosion and weeds. Idle/fallow fields designated as “contract acres” must have a cover of sod, crop residue, or volunteer grasses providing at least 75% cover on the soil surface. Weeds are not an acceptable cover and must be mowed. DCP program benefits could be lost if the County Committee determines a producer failed to show good faith to control weeds and/or erosion on contract acres. Failure to control weeds on your idle/fallow ground could cost you a penalty of the acres in default times $5 (maintenance default rate) times 3 (violation factor).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the FSA Office at 580-544-2401 Ext. 2.

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