Henry's baffled by Panhandle loss? Why? We aren't .

According to Thursday's Daily Oklahoman, Governor Brad Henry was quoted as saying he was baffled why he carried every area of Oklahoma except the Panhandle. Baffled? Well here's a clue Governor, if you would ever show your face, in the Panhandle, especially in Cimarron County , we could explain it to you.

F Sometime you actually have to be here, (in fairness Governor Henry did show up in Goodwell for an event honoring our deceased former Legislator Jack Begley. But that shouldn't really count he didn't come to learn what our needs were, he came to pay a political debt of honor).

F A Boise City resident heard both Congressman Istook and Governor Henry speak shortly after the election. Both said they had campaigned in all 77 counties. I know for a fact Istook did. He visited at the offices of The Boise City News, and had breakfast in a local restaurant. I can't say the same for Governor Henry. I haven't heard anyone say they saw or spoke to him in Cimarron County during his run for office, (or during his previous term for that matter).

F Henry made a production about his Western Oklahoma campaign tour. In publicizing it in The Daily Oklahoman, Governor Henry said he would visit such Western areas of Oklahoma as: Woodward, Altus , Enid , El Reno and Yukon . Cities and towns such as Beaver, Forgan, Guymon, Keyes and Boise City weren't even mentioned.

F Last but not least is the matter of the Governor's Veto on Rep. Gus Blackwell and Senator Owen Laughlin's legislation for more money from the school land auction to return to the counties from which it came. The Panhandle and especially Cimarron and Texas Counties have the the lion's share of that land. We realize very little from the thousands of dollars the land auction brings into the state's coffers each year. Most of that school land money is spent for upkeep on the capital grounds. Our money is used to make repairs to the capital and to plant trees on Lincoln Blvd. ; instead of being used to help these three drought afflicted counties to possibly better educate our children and keep them as citizens by attracting light industry.

Confused about the loss of votes in the Panhandle Governor? We can explain it, if you ever show up.

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