Guess what? A few days ago, I found out I'm not Wonder Woman after all! Not that I've ever imagined myself to be like the so-named character in the television series, but I have always been fairly strong physically. The other day I finished moving the bulk of my “shop” from the garage to the basement, and I was impressed with my accomplishment, because it meant that I could once again park the pickup in the garage. I swept out the leaves and dirt that had blown in the open door, and then I decided to close the garage door to thwart their return. Mind you, the door hadn't been closed in oh, about ten years, but that wasn't going to stop me this particular day. (It is a sliding wooden door with a wheel guide at the bottom.) Not surprisingly, the door wouldn't budge. I pushed, I pulled, I cussed, I cajoled….and on about the twentieth effort the door began to move! Tug by tug, inch by inch, the door began to move and I was jubilant - which increased my staying power and zeal! And then? The door would go no further, no matter what I did or said. I stood back and took a gander at where the progress had stopped, and realized I sure couldn't get the pickup in the garage now, for I had moved the door a good three feet. Thus, I decided I'd better slide the door back to its starting position. I pushed, I pulled, I cussed and I cajoled….and this time the door really refused to move! Frustrated and defeated, I went in search of the smoke and mirrors I keep in a drawer in the kitchen, but they were gone, along with my strength and energy. And so the door remains partially closed.

Two days later I reaped the harvest of my efforts! Every muscle in my body screamed a hearty “ouch” when I tried to walk upright! I think I was one giant bruise! It took twenty-four hours, some aspirin, some prayer and sleep, but finally I was myself again, sans my belief that I am capable of making sliding garage doors move…and that I am Wonder Woman!

So, if any of you are carrying some smoke and mirrors in your front pocket, and some strength and energy in your back pocket, please feel free to stop by my garage and try your hand at making the most stubborn sliding door this side of the Rio Grande slide! You won't get much money for your effort, but I would gladly make you a lemon meringue pie or bake you a cake! (Hey, this ex-Wonder Woman isn't above begging at this point!)


I recently read an article entitled, “On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs”. It was written by Dave Grossman, a retired Army Ranger. Since I read it, and with last Saturday being Veteran's Day, I have come to realize that it is so very true. Most of us are just like sheep. We want to graze peacefully, drink from still waters and “baa” contentedly as we walk about our green pastures. But there are bloodthirsty wolves who lurk outside these same green pastures, and their desire is to indiscriminately kill all the sheep. Thankfully, between the sheep and the wolves stand the mighty and vigilant sheepdogs, always on guard and patrolling the fence line. Without them, the sheep would be scattered and decimated, but with them the sheep can continue to graze and drink and bleat to their heart's content.

To every one of you who was once a sheepdog, or who are now a sheepdog, I wholeheartedly and gratefully say “Thank you” for watching over the flock! You have stood between countless sheep and the devouring wolves for many, many years. You haven't always found praise coming from the sheep, but that lack of appreciation didn't change your desire to protect them. You have patrolled through all kinds of weather, when your pads were sore and bleeding and when you were hungry and tired. Without regard for your own life and safety, you have faced many roaming bands of wolves. And you have always known, and fought for, what was most important to you, the mighty sheepdog - that flock of innocent sheep grazing on the hillside!

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