by Norma Gene Young

If I didn't have a caller ID I would have lost my mind by now. This election campaigning is getting ridiculous. Last Thursday I had a total of 10 calls which I did not answer. Two were listed as “private name and number”, one admitted it was “political call”, and seven were “unknown name”. If some friend is trying to get hold of me she had better borrow somebody's phone that tells me something.


Many long-time residents here probably remember the Rarick family. Mrs. Rarick taught second grade in 1932-33 (and many other years I'm sure), and Mr. Rarick was either court clerk or county clerk (I can't remember which). Iris and Iula were the daughters and Stan the only son. Stan recently saw my name in a magazine and wrote to me. He said he felt sure there was nobody else in the world with the name “Norma Gene Butterbaugh Young'


He lives in Albuquerque and we have written back and forth several times, and I sent him some of my books. Stan's parents and Iula have passed away. Iris lives in Hemet, Cal. If anyone wants their addresses, call me.


I have been told many times (mostly by relatives who live in the East) that I have a goofy Oklahoma drawl. I suppose they are right, but I don't intend to change it—especially to latch onto that Boston lingo when you hear “idear” instead of “idea”. That really gets to me.

But there are a couple of people on Amarillo TV who apparently can't pronounce a long A. Fail comes out fell, sail is sell, hail is hell, and for some reason oil is pronounced all, and gulf is golf.

When I was in college it was explained in great detail that if any of the students wished to become radio announcers (I hate to admit it, but TV was barely an idea in those days!) they must take numerous speech classes. The schools have now evidently quit emphasizing correct speech, because there are really some weird lingos out there. I believe I'll stick with my Okie drawl.






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