Library Board writes open letter to county

To the Citizens of Cimarron County:

Soutar Memorial Library, your county library, will continue to stay open as long as possible with several cost-saving changes. Days of operation and hours will be reduced in order to save on the cost of salary and utilities.

The Library Board believes that by adopting these cost-saving measures, the library will be able to continue operations until June 30, 2005.

New book purchases will depend on utility and unexpected costs.

However, computer and internet access will continue to be available.

Cimarron County has a fine library and has been able to offer computer and internet services to the community through the dedication of our librarian, Nina Hinderliter.

Many grants have been obtained by Librarian Nina, which will no longer be available to the the library due to decrease in hours of operation.

Approximately 38 books are checked out per day of operation and 11 citizens/students use the computers each day the library is open.

The Soutar Memorial Library Board wishes to thank all organizations and individuals who have supported the library in the past.

Your support has added to the library's ability to continue its services until June, 2005. Please remember the importance of this educational service with your continued donations and memorials.

-Soutar Memorial Library Board

Bette Hanes-Rosie Nall-Frankie Armstrong-Mareta Walker-Phyllis Randolph



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