Stanley Smoot:

“It's the end of an era.”

by C.F. David

Stanley Smoot, who had worked alongside of Gunther Brandt for 39 years, looked across the lot where material and machinery awaits the ring of the gavel this weekend.

“We had people interested; but no one ever signed a contract,” Smoot said.

“You've got 40 years of business here to close. But I'm still hoping that someone will buy it and the town will still have a nice business.”

Brandt's Nursery is the only job Smoot has known since he was 15.

“I haven't been able to keep help through the summer and it's too much for one guy. I've done it for 39 years...and it ain't the same without G.W.” (The late Gunther Brandt.)

Smoot fell silent for a moment, “...He was more like a dad to dad's gone, and its time...”

Asked what he'll do now, Smoot shrugs, “That's a good question. I'd like to take off for 30 days or so, before I do anything. I'll be around several weeks to oversee the thing. I'm not sure but I'd like to continue to work in Boise City , if there is a job available.”

Bob Brown, the auctioneer to whom the sale falls, thinks someone might still buy the nursery as a business.

“I don't see why not, as many local people we've had stop by and tell us they hated to see it go. I can't imagine it being here this long and not still be a good business,” Brown said.

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