Dear Editor:

Cimarron Memorial Hospital is asking for the “CONTINUATION” of its two percent sales tax. It is just the continuation of what we already have. It will be for a two year period. the revenue from the sales tax is vital income for Cimarron Memorial Hospital . It will not cure the financial problems. But it will give a resource to help. We are asking Cimarron County residents to vote YES for the continuation of the two percent sales tax. By voting YES you will help us make a difference.

Donna Cain




To the Citizens of Cimarron County :

The Board of Cimarron County Commissioners would like to urge all registered voters to go to the polls on November 7, 2006 and vote YES to continue the 2% Sales Tax for the support of the Cimarron Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home.

The sales tax, which is mainly generated from the citizens of our county, is very crucial in maintaining the operation of the Hospital and Nursing Home; not only in medical attention but providing employment opportunities for over 80 employees. The Commissioners have passed a Resolution in support of the request from the Cimarron County Health Services Authority to extend the current loan at Farmers & Stockmens Bank, to help with the financial condition of the Hospital.

Do remember that this election is to continue the 2% Sales Tax that is in effect at this time and will continue it for 24 months. Please support the Hospital and Nursing Home by voting YES November 7.

The Cimarron County Commission



Dear Editor:

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife will stock Lake Carl Etling with Rainbow Trout during the last week of October 2006. Lake Etling is a designated Trout Stream for the period of November 1 2006 through April 31, 2007 and each angler is required to have in their possession a trout stamp along with the State fishing license. Only one fishing pole is permitted per angler during this period. Fishermen are encouraged to check the State fishing rules and regulations for other restrictions that may apply.

Ron Mills


Dear Editor:

As the mother of a service man in Iraq I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Shelly Fowler for her article in the Oct. 18 th paper.

Thank you Shelly

Janice Strong Smith



Dear Editor:

It was over 50 years ago and I was much younger then; but I flew some 30 missions as a Flight Engineer on B-29s over North Korea . I was based in Yokota AFB near Tokyo , Japan .

I am sure at 85 I'd be considered too old to do it again, but I'd be willing to give it a try if given the chance.

I don't understand why the United Nations, much less the United States can stand still for one minute and allow this Korean Dictator do what he is now doing. He is trying to control the whole world and everyone is just standing by and letting him go.

Let's get off our butts and shut him down.

Olin W. Lambert

Hawthorne , Calif.

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