The Vital Signs

by Rod Burrus, CEO,

Cimarron Memorial Hospital

The last half of September and these first several weeks of October have, as usual, been a flurry of activity. Cimarron Memorial is preparing itself for increased business under the pretense that, to borrow a phrase from a movie, “if you build it they will come.” It is no secret in our community that we need to offer more medical services at Cimarron Memorial and that is just what we are trying to do. Our Administrative Team has set forth to bring in new Doctors and new services in order to meet the needs of our community. The atmosphere in the facility is one of cautious growth. Our facility not only needs to stabilize itself but needs to provide for the success of our future.

To begin, one of the most frequent complaints that I receive is from our incorrect, or untimely billing. Our Business Office has worked diligently to develop a set of policies by which they can follow for billing and collecting. As you well know though, a process without the tools is a hollow, short-lived fix. You might be pleased to know that Cimarron Memorial has made the purchase of nine new computers. These computers are the latest and greatest and we purchased them for a song thanks to the help of our new Information Technologist, Justin Yates. Justin comes to us from Stratford and has years of experience behind him. New computers are not the only needed item here at Cimarron Memorial. Our facility has entered into negotiation with three different software vendors so we might move our services into the 21 st century. Justin Yates and I have personally negotiated the lowest possible prices so we may obtain the software we need to continue operations without increasing our debt substantially.

The money to pay for these computers has been generously donated by our community as a memorial to loved ones recently departed. Memorials for Mr. Hitchings, Mr. Clifton & Mrs. Hathaway, as well as a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, have gone to help purchase these computers. Our feelings here at Cimarron Memorial are that these loved ones would have wanted these monies to purchase equipment that would ensure the success of our facility so we may care for our community.

Here at Cimarron Memorial we are also working to beautify our facility. Jerry Robertson and Lance Fowler are currently prepping our hallways for a new coat of paint so we can get rid of the pink and gray. In the Nursing Home, Nancy Roberts has taken her color choices to the Residents of our fine facility and asked what they wanted. Our Resident Committee was so taken with the work of Shelly Fowler that they yielded to her selection and said anything she wishes would be just fine with them. Why all of the fuss over our facility? It will be difficult to attract physicians and patients/residents to our facility when it is outdated. A little paint and some carpet will go a long way in attracting physicians as well as patients to our facility.

The issue that is always forefront on everyone's mind is the financials. I am pleased to say that we have made payroll the last five times in a row. Currently we have half of our payroll in the bank for our October the 29 payout and are looking for funds to complete the amount. Our accounts payable has dropped to around $280,000 from the $400,000 range and we have turned over fifty thousand dollars over to our collection agent. We are moving in the right direction, it is just not happening as quickly as I would like. Our business is as such that we have peaks and valleys that we have to work through. Some days we have $180,000 in the bank, others we have $2,500. It is difficult to run a business when we cannot predict our future revenues. One point that I wanted to make clear is that we are a self-sustaining entity and receive no funds from the county other than the two percent sales tax, which is sustained, in part, by gas sales. In January I have an option that will help regulate or sustain our receivables from the Government but will address that in a future issue due to the lengthy discussion.

As mentioned earlier, Cimarron Memorial is currently scouting for new Physicians to add to our staff. We are looking for specialists to come to Boise City and provide their services, which will complement Dr. Yoga's successful practice. Cimarron Memorial has two clinics and currently we are utilizing half of one of them. Cimarron Memorial can offer a competitive salary, highly trained Nurses and Aides as well as clinic space. Not to mention, we have a great group of people who are dedicated to the Patient / Resident and have no time for political games or contrivances. At Cimarron Memorial, our focus is on our patient, bottom line.

One other item that needs discussion is the fund-raiser that we had during the county fair. If you went by our booth you might have noticed that we had two coolers with an assortment of goodies in them. The OU/OSU Bedlam match raised over $1thousand dollars for the Cimarron Memorial Employee Fund. The lucky winners of the coolers were Amanda Post from Felt who won the OSU cooler, and Tim Urias from Amarillo won the OU cooler. Tim is our local FedEx man. He jokingly paid for his ticket and said he would be back on Monday to collect. Imagine his surprise when we called and told him he won. I wanted to personally thank all of the businesses and individuals that generously donated their money, time and effort:

Moore's Food Pride; Shell Service Station; Love's; Joann's Country Restaurant; LaMesa Restaurant; Boise City Coop; No Mans Land Beef Jerky; Leanna Guymon; Meagan Jones; Marlene Clifton Family; Galen and Danna Smith; Pizza Hut; John and Carol Mills; Rod and Angela Burrus; The Finishing Touch

Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible!


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