Staff at CMH deliver baby

Ask any staff member, doctor or board member and they'll tell you, Cimarron Memorial isn't set up to deliver babies.

Nurses with no OB experience will tell you of their admiration of OB nurses, for all at once you have not one but two..or more patients for whom you are responsible.

But, on Oct. 9, the CMH did just that; and for one of their own.

“Vickie Baeza works in our medical records,” CEO Rod Burrus explained with a chuckle. And she had been teasing us how all of her children have arrived early and she was going to have this baby right here at Cimarron Memorial. We assured her she was going to Dumas, just as she'd planned.”

“On Oct. 9, at about 8:30 in the morning she surprised us all by showing up at the ER saying she wasn't going to make it to Dumas...sure enough about 15 minutes later she delivered Rebekka Sara, with Dr. Yoga delivering her,” Burrus grinned.

“After we were sure they were both stable we transferred them both to Dumas by ambulance.

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