Istook makes run for governor it's political musical chairs in OKC

by C.F. David

A decision on Oct. 3, by U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook, (R-5 th District), to resign his position to run in next year's governor's race, has brought a flurry of announcements for public office.

Istook, in his announcement pointed out that his paternal grandparents were Hungarian immigrants and that those on his mother's side were farmers and Cherokee, and that his parents stressed hard work and faith.

Immediately after Istook announced, Denise Bode, Oklahoma 's Corporation Commissioner, (Rep. Oklahoma City), and Lt Governor Mary Fallin, also a Republican, both announced for Istook's congressional seat. Then, on Oct. 10, Todd Hiett, the Republican Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, announced his decision to run for Lt. Governor.

Istook's, and Hiett's decisions are the ones that will face Cimarron County voters come election time in Nov. 2006.

But, even though Istook's eventual replacement isn't someone for whom Cimarron County voters can cast a ballot; the decisions and votes made and cast in Washington by that replacment can and will effect Cimarron County .

F Denise Bode: Bode, a rancher and business advocate, has more than 18 years experience in public life, both in Oklahoma City , and Washington D.C. Bode worked with former Governor and U.S. Senator David Boren.

F Mary Fallin: Fallin formerly represented the 5 th District for two terms in the state legislature before running for Lt. Governor. She said in her statement that she will lead by three principals, faith, family and freedom.

F Todd Hiett: is a Creek County rancher and former dairyman, and considers himself to be a farmer and businessman first, and then a legislator. He plans to use the office of Lt. Governor to focus on lawsuit reform, excellence in education, job creation rural development and quality roads.

The senate is closely divided and Hiett, should he become Lt. Governor, could be called upon to cast the tie-breaking vote.

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