Why do we even watch??

I see by on-line news coverage, that onetime Heavyweight boxing Champion Mike Tyson, is considering boxing women. This is no real stretch for Tyson, a “troubled” athlete who has done prison time for rape and was accused by at least one wife of physical assault. Slapping women around is a sport for Tyson. And let's not forget that ear-biting incident with champion Evander Holyfield, and the threat to “eat Lennox Lewis' children. In any case, Tyson is back on pay-per-view and I have no doubt thousands will tune in. After all, the U.S. entertainment venue has turned gladiatorial with such prime-time shows as Big Brother, Survivor, The Great Race, The Bachelor, and Wife-Swap, just to name a few, not to mention Oprah and her food Nazis.

A player for the Green Bay Packers was recently suspended for one-year for being in violation of substance abuse; but When Albert Haynesworth stomps on the unhelmeted head of a Dallas cowboys defensive guard, he is suspended for five games.

Why do we even watch these spoiled brats?

Why do we honor them by tuning in?

Why to we allow them to be paid?

Why can't we put aside our desire to win at any cost and tell the owners and networks that we won't participate any longer? Let Haynesworth, and Tyson feed themselves on an hourly wage; and let's make producers of television and motion pictures use their imaginations instead of placing a rubber stamp on any idea by trying to copy it, instead of creating something original. Let's not pay for lack of imagination, and let's not watch.

The word for the week is original

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