Leaders and Politicians

by Chance Reynolds

As you all know the next election to decide the leader of the Free World is soon upon us. There are two distinct choices in this race John Kerry and George W. Bush. Each man believes he is the right person to lead us through the next four years; however, there are extreme differences in the two.

George W. Bush has had to make hard decisions in the last four years; decisions I am sure he never thought he would have to make. The attack on the World Trade Center opened America's eyes to a global cancer called Terrorism. The President immediately went into action to combat this new threat to the world, as America has always done.

That is the George Bush we have come to know -decisive- doing what he thinks is right. John Kerry was swept up in the nation's new felt patriotism and got on board to join the fight. As the U.S. prepared to oust Saddam Hussein, political fervor was split, and John Kerry apparently was split as well for he couldn't seem to make up his mind which way to go.

That in my opinion is one of the main issues in this election. Sen. Kerry takes whatever position is currently popular and that makes him a politician. George Bush does what he thinks is right, and sticks to it, that makes him a leader. In America today we are sorely lacking leaders, like the President, and seem to be flooded with politicians like Sen. Kerry.

Mr. Reynolds is a 20-year-old Cimarron County student at OPSU; the son of Gene and Lane Reynolds. -Ed.


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