What's missing is information, understanding, and respect

As I told one interested party on Tuesday, “It got kinda Western today.”

For the first time I attended a school land auction; as I grew up here, I don't even remember hearing of them.

But today, with the infusion of new blood, and lots of money, a lot of people heard about the auction.

James Parker denies that he is buying land or leases; be what it may, he was in attendance at the auction, and at least appeared to be buying leases through an intermediary.

In a perfect world, Oklahoma , sometime in the past would have sold the land, so that those who work it, could do more than feel that it's theirs.

But, the powers that be have decided otherwise, and every five years families, and men who depend on the land for their livelihood have to take the chance that they might not have the land come sunset.

I have no way of knowing if Mr. Parker knew how the ranchers of Western Cimarron County felt. As of today, I must assume he does.

In fairness, even while being shown he wasn't welcome, I saw nor heard any rude remark from Parker. But I hope he understands that right or wrong, these individuals consider that land their birthright, and being that, they aren't prone to share.

Also, Mr. Parker chooses to “play his hand close to his chest”. No one knows what his plans are, and he isn't talking. For all I know, perhaps what he plans will bring added capital to the county, and that might be good.

But at the same time, it would be nice if we were “let in” on a little of the secret. Perhaps it isn't all bad, and we can all someday see the good.

In the meantime, I hope that Mr. Parker understands from where the ranchers were coming; and that beyond the animosity, he can respect their concerns, and that eventually, he'll give us the information we need, so that we too can perhaps begin to understand.

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