October 7, 2005   Town of Keyes Special Meeting

by Birdie Walker

Council Members present:  Mayor Chris Townsley and member Curtis Cayton...

Fire Chief Glen Copeland reported two runs for the Fire Department during the last month..One was an accident and one was for a grass fire...The City Ambulance  transported three during past month..

Town Council accepted ODOC/ODC Grant for purchase of a pumper fire truck..

Council discussed  forming a Community Economic Recovery Planning Assistance Program..A group of at least five volunteers are needed.

Motion was made and approved for Council member Scott Arthaud to go to Guymon for Mandatory Training Institute  training.

Municipal Judge, Avis Strasner will go to Wagoner, Oklahoma for Oklahoma Municipal Judges association training.

J. C. Moser will attend CDBG Conference for grants.

Council agreed to pay City Liability insurance to OMAG quarterly.

Motion was made to deem old meat locker building unfit  for use.

Motion was then made to advertise building for sale.

Christine Heppard's resignation as parttime office  help was accepted and Council voted to offer partime office job to  Lynn Jones.

Town Utility Meeting  7:45

Council member Scott Arthaud arrived for Utility  meeting..

 Contectiv  not providing rollover service  for big items for Town of Keyes was discussed and Town Council decided to go with  different Company but due to increase in prices will not have rollovers available as often as in the past..

The Council voted to raise  natural gas prices to $14.00 per unit.

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