Sorry I haven't had a column the past few weeks but with vacation and headquarters duties I have been pretty busy.  Not a lot of new questions have been coming in by e-mail so I would like to think I covered everything but doubt that one.  Let me know if you have a question you would like answered. 

Question:  Can a police officer search a vehicle if he smells pot???

Response:  Yes.  If a police officer smells the odor of what he believes to be burning marijuana or even raw marijuana he can then search a vehicle.  It strengthens his probable cause if he has past experience and convictions in drug related cases.   

Question:  Can OHP troopers work in town and if they see kids drinking and such???

Response:  I may have covered this one recently but in case I didn't the answer is yes.  OHP troopers can work anywhere in Oklahoma but out of courtesy we generally avoid it in towns that have their own police unless asked to assist.  We do handle what we see however and are in Boise City a lot.


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