Dear Editor:


That is the question.

Once again it is time for the renewal of the 2% sales tax for Cimarron Memorial. We are asking everyone to turn out to vote YES. Cimarron Memorial was established in 1952 to provide health care to the people of Cimarron County . It has been a faithful provider for nearly 55years. At this time the facility is in critical financial trouble. It has always been struggling. NOW, it is at deaths door. We have been unable to meet all our obligations to vendors and employees. If the facility should close its doors 85 employees would be left unemployed. Would the county provide unemployment benefits or be able to provide jobs for these employees? If they would have to move out of town the sales taxes they pay would also be taken out of town, the $1.5million yearly payroll would not be spent here, their children removed from our school systems. Also, where will the residents of the nursing home go? Would EMS be able to provide adequate medical assistance without a hospital base? Would the county be able to college train a person for a 4yr. EMT /paramedic license at a full time basis? At this time the majority of the EMS personnel are over 40yrs of age or older. Also, would their jobs be affected by the closing of Cimarron Memorial and they would have to move out of town? We are not like hospitals in other states that receive state moneys. We are governed by federal and state rules and regulations (Medicare and Medicaid) that define how we are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies. At this time the employees have chose to relinquish some of their benefits and if need be relinquish their health insurance benefits. The employees have come together with a plan to help Cimarron Memorial move in a positive direction. At this time we are asking the community to help us move forward so that we are able to help them have a safe and healthy life. Lastly, do you feel safe with no health care in your community? VOTE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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