Hello all,

Sorry I missed last week so a lot has happened. This week I went to the Cimarron county beauty pageant and I had so much fun. My friends the Hanvey's were entered in the pageant and they all got different kinds of awards.

Emalee entered in the Princess category of the pageant and got first runner up. Elli was in the Sweetheart category and won most photogenic. Estee was in the same category and won the title of Miss Cimarron County Sweetheart!!

The Miss Cimarron County Princess is Samantha Prather and Jill Spake won the title of Cimarron County Queen!!

It was so exciting that some of my friends won and they were pretty excited too! I hope I will have this much fun next year when I plan to enter but I don't know what I'll do for my talent.

Then there was homecoming, the Wildcats broke the thirteen year curse; our home team won 34 to 8 against the Bobcats. I have never screamed so loud at a football game. It was so awesome and I had so much fun at Homecoming. Then right before it was over it got real cold so I stayed in a big crowd (they were my wind break) and I got nice and toasty.

For my school and my dad's job at the U.S.D.A. office, we went to Kenton to a range land meeting. We studied different kinds of grass and learned about tons of them.

I had loads of fun these last two weeks and have been going non stop. I hope to have this much fun next week. But with a little or a lot more rest in it I am so tired. But it was still a fun week!

Have fun this week and I will see you next week!

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