Weather heads off Shattuck-Titan rout

The Yarbrough-Keyes Titans, took on one of the state's top-ranked eight man teams Friday night, and lost in two quarters of play 48-16.

Shattuck had only four first downs, compared to the Titans six.

Shattuck scored nearly every time they touched the ball.

The Titans had 29 rushing attempts for 155 yards, Shattuck, 24 for 259.

The Titans took to the air eight times, with three completions and no interceptions for 44 yards, Shattuck, three of five for 80.

The Titans fumbled once and lost the ball, Shattuck, fumbled three times and lost the ball once.

The Titans had no penalties, to Shattuck's one penalty for 15 yards.

Shattuck scored five unanswered touchdowns in the first quarter, and leaped to a 36-0 Titan deficit.

Shattuck started the first quarter with a 34 yard touchdown pass from Leaphopper to Delarosa, the two point conversion was no good, and it was 6-0.

The Shattuck duo hooked up for a second passing touchdown of 12 yards, it was 14-0.

Shattuck's Zach Myers then busted in from five yards out and Longhopper ran for two, it was 22-0.

Longhopper took off on a 73 yard jaunt for six, the pass for two was no good, and it was 28-0.

To close out the first quarter, Phillip Delarosa, took it in from seven yards out, and Shattuck led 36-0 after Longhopper added two.

Shattuck's Bray Jordan took it in from three yards out, the try for two was no good and Shattuck led 42-0 in the second quarter.

The Titans' Geraldo Alverado took it in from three yards out, and Hector Arreola added two as the Titans drew blood, it was 42-8.

Shattuck's Tyler Helfenbein, ripped off a 78 yard run for his team's last TD, the try for two was no good, it was 48-8

The Titan's Logan Grazier tossed a 10 yard pass to Arreola for a touchdown, and Arreola added two it was 48-16 when the game was called for rain, hail and lightning.

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